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GPS Tracker Online


The GPS Tracker Online application will allow you to monitor real-time status of vehicles: to see its location, to obtain data on the distance covered over a given time period, and even control the supply of fuel. Already, without having to connect to our service, you will be able to test application and check its compatibility with your mobile device.On the work of the service, tariffs and connection, refer to our website under "Contact" -
- Based on osmdroid and mapsforge libraries;- Supports offline and online maps (for offline mode will need to download the map)- Works on devices with Android 4.0.x - 6.0.x;- Support screens from QVGA up QuadHD;
What is GPS tracking and what is it for?
Any basic GPS monitoring system consists of two components: GPS tracker and software with maps and reports.
GPS monitoring is intended for tracking and control of any vehicle, whether car, truck, harvester or vessel. You can even look after the children or seek the lost pet. In general, the range of use - is very wide.
Install a GPS system monitoring is inexpensive, but the tangible cost savings and optimization of your business can be felt immediately.
Let's say you are the owner of the vehicle fleet. With GPS tracking, you can take complete control over the movement of vehicles: to know when, where, and at what speed the drivers drive, delete the "Left" flights, cheat speedometer, monitor fuel consumption, to know when to be inspected.
Since the system can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile phone connected to the Internet, you get all the information in real time. All data is detailed and accurate, all records and statistics - around the clock. Effective reports on vehicle fleet is easy to form, print it or save it in your computer's memory.
GPS monitoring system is needed in a variety of industries: heads of taxis and taxi dispatch service, the owners of airlines and shipping companies, logistics specialists, economists, security services and security agencies, agribusinesses, collection service.
GPS satellite monitoring - it is convenient and easy.
Contact us and set the GPS tracking system on your car today.